Thursday, March 27, 2014

How to make a basic budget

         Making a budget is a very important part of getting your financial situation under control. Using this budget you can realize just how much money you can spend without spending money you need to pay the bills. This video shows you how to make a budget using microsoft excel, but you could do it with most programs or even a piece of paper and a pen(of course you would then have to add it yourself).
      If you make your budget and realize you have very little extra spending money, look for ways you can cut your bills down or ways you can boost your income. There are many ways you can reduce cost, but if that is not an option try to find ways of making more money. If you can't think of any ways to make money or you have little time to work anywhere else take a look at
It's a great youtube with a ton of information on ways to make extra money. The best part about it, is that it is free!
            Remember if you are trying to boost your credit score and possibly buy your first home you are going to need good credit. Part of getting good credit is paying your bills on time every time. I think you will find that this budget is quick and easy to do, but try and take your time so that you cover all of your bills. Leaving out any can really mess up your budget. Good Luck!

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